Chore Wheel

Chore Wheel is pioneering software for coliving, built by Zaratan and running on Slack.

Created by economists and game designers, Chore Wheel is a family of tools helping people share space:

  • Chores for keeping it clean

  • Hearts for mutual accountability

  • Things for bulk purchasing

  • and more to come

Chore Wheel is open-source and privacy-preserving, and contains the latest thinking in ethical technology. Chore Wheel draws influences variously from cognitive science, computer science, electoral theory, economics, cybernetics, and game design, with four top-level design principles:

  • No managers or privileged administrative roles

  • Simple and intuitive inputs

  • Humans for sensing and judgment, machines for bookkeeping

  • Continuously available, asynchronous processes

Groups using Chore Wheel find that they spend less time doing chores, less time talking about chores, and less time worrying about their house in general. Check out the introduction for a more detailed overview of the project, or our getting started guide to get set up for yourself.


For extra help and support, join the Chore Wheel Community Slack workspace.